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Aged Life Insurance Leads(21-85 days old)
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Why Aged Life Insurance Leads?

If you're selling life insurance over the phone, there isn't a better ROI available. Period. Let us show you why. Read more...

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The #1 thing you should know about buying aged life insurance leads is that every vendor uses the same data providers. If you recently purchased a list from a competitor, you will get duplicates.

With that said, our quality is all the same. We're not going to tell you that our leads are better than everybody else's. At the end of the day, we're all selling the same leads.

There's a limited quantity being released by the lead vendors who generate these leads. We scoop them up in bulk and re-sell them to you.

So why should you buy from us? How are we different?

1. We only sell our leads 1 time. Sometimes we can't fill orders because another agent or agency has brought us out.

2. We'll provide you with the script that's been tried and tested (on 2,000 lead orders only). We won't give the script out unless there's been a 2000 leads order. The script was created and tested by Life Insurance with No Medical Exam Experts, Root Financial.

3. We have the lowest advertised prices on the Internet. You won't find aged life insurance leads cheaper.

4. We're upfront with our results and don't inflate them (see below).

Right now we're seeing around a .3% immediate application rate. Which means, out of 1,000 leads you'll send 3 application if you call your list at least 4 times. After 6 weeks have passed and you've completed all your follow ups, we're seeing a .4%-.5% application out rate or 4-5 applications per 1,000 leads.

We know these numbers aren't very attractive, but they work. At the end of the day, you're paying $125 for a life insurance application ($500 for 1,000 leads with 4 sales). That's a very low acquisition cost compared to real-time leads that average $25/lead (you'd have to sell 1 out of 5). With life insurance commissions as high as they are, we have plenty of agencies using aged leads as a part of their overall strategy every month.

Refund Policy

We DO NOT offer refunds because of the nature of this business. We don't generate these leads ourselves, so we cannot guarantee them. We aggregate them from other sources.

To negate the risk of buying a "bad batch" - We recommend buying at least 1,000 leads per order to ensure the fact you don't get a bad streak of leads... because it happens.

We have agents tell us they have 200-400 streaks of bad leads or "no contacts" - but no one that has bought a list of 2,000 has ever told us they didn't made a decent ROI. You're simply working too many leads for a bad streak of leads to have an unprofitable effect on your campaign.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.